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Electronics Design Service, PCB Design, Custom Electronic Prototype development & Manufacturing services

TronicsZone provides Custom Electronics Design, PCB Design, Embedded Systems Design, Firmware/Software development, Prototyping & Contract Manufacturing Services covering a wide area in the electronics domain. We design all types of electronic circuits or products according to custom specifications at affordable costs while maintaining highest possible quality. Contact us for your custom electronic product development & manufacturing needs.

Our domain expertise:
  • Remote monitoring, Alarm reporting & Telemetry devices.
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment.
  • Instrumentation, Scientific, Test & Measurement equipment.
  • Industrial/Factory Automation.
  • Home Automation.
  • Short range wireless devices.
  • Various Consumer Electronics devices.
Our services include:
  • Electronic Product Design
  • PCB Design (two layer &  multi-layer)
  • Embedded systems design  based on 8,16,32-bit microcontrollers & FPGA
  • Firwmare & software development
  • Re-engineering services to correct flaws or to optimize existing designs for lowering costs
  • Customized computer software development (VB, SQL, C/C++ & ASP .NET)
  • Android App development
  • Large & small volume management of Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) at low costs
  • Consulting services
  • Huge experience in developing Medical Diagnostic Equipment, Industrial Automation, GSM/GPRS based Remote monitoring, Telemetry & SCADA applications, Test & Measurement Equipment, Instrumentation, Consumer Electronics, Wireless Devices etc.
  • TronicsZone can work on design projects both big or small for large industries or small businesses & individuals.
Why TronicsZone?

1TronicsZone is doing business since Jan, 2003. The rich experience in various fields of electronics design, prototyping & manufacturing is a huge advantage.

2. Have completed over 200 medium to complex designs till date and innumerable small sized designs.

3. Being a design firm based in Bangalore, India & due to low operating costs in India, international customers (USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc) can expect cost reductions of several times compared to their local design firms. Our goal is to work with customers who are looking to outsource their design, development & production jobs to lower design, maintenance & production costs with improved quality levels.

4. TronicsZone is popular for making the designs low cost (for manufacturing), with carefully chosen low-cost parts, without sacrificing quality, while offering excellent support. We believe in "keeping things simple" hence naturally, the costs are low. We offer low cost design, fast turn-around time, top notch quality & support. 
Click here to learn why the location distance isn't a problem to work remotely with international customers.

5. We specialize in embedded systems design involving 8/16/32bit microcontrollers/microprocessors/FPGA of all types, covering hardware & firmware/software, along with analog & digital interface circuit designing. We design electronic products, from concept to completion. The design services are supplemented with small quantity production runs so that customers can test out how their product performs in the market. Once satisfied with the initial product, the device can be contract-manufactured at large volumes for reduced costs.

Our expertise include:
  • Embedded systems - hardware, firmware/software design & development
  • PCB Design including multilayer PCBs
  • All popular 8bit, 16bit & 32bit microcontrollers & microprocessors (Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, ARM7, ARM9, PIC, dsPIC, 8051, AVR, ARM, Cortex-M3, MSP430 etc)
  • FPGA based designs
  • Analog & digital electronic systems
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  • Test & Measurement systems (various types of meters)
  • GSM/GRPS based remote monitoring, Alarm, Telemetry systems
  • Communications, radio electronics & wireless remote control devices
  • Industrial Automation systems, Control panels, SCADA
  • Electronic instrumentation (meters)
  • Wireless (RF) systems design
  • Telephone/telecom line based electronic systems
  • All types of LED lighting, display circuits
  • Digital signal processing (DSP) systems (like audio codecs, video codecs, filters etc)
  • Computer hardware & PC interfacing circuits (LAN/ethernet, Wifi, serial port, USB, parallel port, PCMCIA etc)
  • Microprocessor & microcontroller based hardware & software designs
  • Electronic security related circuits like burglar alarms, infrared & ultrasonic techniques for ranging, motion sensors (detection)
  • Android App Software Development
  • Custom software development for Windows and Linux platforms using C/C++, Visual Basic (VB).Net, ASP.Net technologies
  • Use our software development service to interface and control your custom designed electronics hardware using a PC.
  • Complete electronic product development from concept to large volume electronic manufacturing services (EMS)
  • Re-design of obsolete or old circuits using modern technology
  • Design optimization services .... and more...

We have extensive experience with all popular 8,16,32-bit microcontrollers & processors such as from NXP 32bit ARM7 LPC2000 series (LPC2129, LPC2138, LPC2148, LPC2168, LPC2478, LH79520 etc), ARM cortex M3 (NXP LPC1768, ST Micro STM32F series), ST micro (STR7 series), Atmel (8051, 8052, AVR, ATmega, ATtiny, AT91SAM), Microchip (PIC32, PIC18F, PIC16F, dsPIC etc), Intel (8086), Motorola (68HC11), Texas instruments TI (32-bit TMS320 DSP series, 16-bit MSP430 series) etc. We design circuits both big and small, big industries or for small businesses & inventors.

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